KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 01-23-17

Monday, January 23rd

If you got super excited about the new Star Wars movie title, KJ is right there with you! Plus, singing superheroes, a new show you might want to watch and our next Nerdy Night Out!


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I Aaron and thank you so much for choosing once again to listen to KJ he's kind of nerdy news. Thank you for choosing a listen if this is your first time as well. We're done about superhero musicals. Coming. And just some momentum and also Veronica Mars may be coming back I asked the latest and the revival of all shows we love. How about first. We have a tell I know a four Star Wars episode eight. I'm not auditioning to be an act singing musical with the Shubert air I don't know why did that are so cute cute cute things. In life that I would be excited over just learning the title but. The next after her in the Star Wars saga will be called normal last Jana that is episode each. Now there is one thing that is interesting about this they released a graphic you see it. On my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash KG on the year. And these star warriors is red. It's not the I yellow gold that we're used to and some are actually saying it looks shift. Brand. So I guess we wait to find out. Who is near last Jenna it. Over the we. A rogue wanna start or story topped over a billion dollars at the box office and is very exciting. I can't Britain's got this weekend. I they actually took my nephew's an attempt. And then after his game Mac and I was like she what did you thank you like. Oh. Lot of people died at the yeah yeah. I have a little more intense than some of the others are actually check ain't seen. I have what sort out well we're in the Star Wars universe. It's going you'll slower than I planned to abide to our plan to. Bring together. Make a wish and Star Wars is happening. I'm waiting for approval from a couple of people to be able to tell you about we're working on a wish. For a child locally here who's got a pretty cool. Wished you. That I don't wanna get way too much but it involves start so I will just tell you I was hoping today. I'll what I was doing it this round of nerdy news that I'd be able to tell you about it. Well wait a little bit longer. Maybe as soon as I'm done here I would get approval and you'll just get another dirty news backlit. Veronica are is I love and then show added he remembered. We got a movie out of this. But you know we paid for ten brio part of the the crowd sourcing for this. I did terrible what level like and I should ever excited about it it was fine. It sounds like the only thing that is stop being. I Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas from getting back together and doing a six episode. Revival. Is just there are schedules right now back to our rob Chad he would bet it is going happens I will keep you posted on Matt. I now if you're one of those feet poke you feel like a superhero. World gets a little too serious these days you've enjoyed. As a child. The whimsical lighter versions of the comic books I you really like what is about to happen here on chief on TV now there are two different things written talk about that musical a second but I next week. There's a new show. Called power list. Coming out and this is actually going to focus on the people. Who aren't super heroes not not agent that she yelled where's that people that are still saving lives but they don't have superpowers and these are the people. Who just happened to be going about their dead if you think about it. You know once. You're used to Batman and or Superman just kind of flying around and say to you all the time what would your life be like would you be shocked. When you see them flyby your window. This is what it's gonna focus on the people who live their lives in this weird world. Wear you out there are constantly. Mean you know super balancing things happening but they still have to go to their job everyday and I love that Allen today is going to be in his eyes his character Erica. Is to have actually I he's playing. I cousin. I'm Bruce Wayne who's a bit envious of Bruce I think he's just going to be magical in essence that premieres next week on NBC. I'll powerless is what it's called on Thursday February 22 it's now. The musical that are about to get. I'm really excited about this one because I love musicals odd too because I love superhero in dirty things and you know I was skeptical back in the day when we found out that Buffy was going to have a musical and how magical to that end up being. Not Irish remembered. We data are first comic talent trip we did the botched. To Chicago we actually watch that on the way out and people were into imagine you're in a bustle of people. And you're watching on those little tiny screens that you know are in the busses but everybody was singing a lot. If we're lucky B flash. Seubert girl crossover musical is going to be something like tests like something so magical you wanna go back to it and watch it over and over again. I now it's got app then. March 20 will be. 21 the epicenter of the flashed. Is where we're gonna get more of the same name but you got a lot of watch both sound you know put that on your calendar be prepared. And yes I'll Melissa singing grant a singing there's a hold on to cast members sing each. And I heard that John Barron is going to be singing so it'll be nice to see him on that episode and I back he absolutely killed it. Now that is freer here he knew this what our notes from my nerdy little world. I take days Canon 39 out the next front were doing his the Lego Batman movie. I was such a little nerve I. It's what I tweet about Lego Batman and the other day and he who he'd like to my tweet. And here I was I don't I don't like about him like retreat right about a man like my tweet and then some guy who works in the light a world. Like my tweaking and I went and followed and the guy who liked it was a guy who created unit jedi. Easier imagines that any liked it there was out. I'm super excited about this movie I hope you will be to you and I will have tickets soon you can find out about that. At Indy is next dot com. Indies next act has also wary can always find the latest KJ is kinda dirty news thank you so much for listening and keep the nerdy not friends.