Dream Vacation Deathtrap

Thursday, February 16th


On this episode of COWORKERS - Tom can't get his wife to put down the laptop...even in the bedroom - Taylor doesn't care to see the world - and Tara might have to start eating people.


You're listening Digg co workers when John Taylor and Chara they're co workers in they like to talk. So they got their own shell. And hopefully they don't screws up. So what do you do when you're like basically begging someone to go on vacation. And they just won't do it. Time your life I can do. You think you're right to go on vacation she's one of these people that you know she. She just can't stop working no matter who you know I'm literally having sex with her she's got a laptop. OK maybe not that. But you know the sound of her fingernails are linemen. A laptop keyboard is just I mean. We can't watch any thing if we're if we're Edward Edward Netflix and shell it's used. Every every show we have this one thing art are things Young and the Restless right now we discussed them before we won soap operas we have not discussed at the Greyhound now it's a godsend. About a million times. But yeah so she when we first got married you know she brought that to the marriage she brought this Gately watching these shows and of backed him. I believe. We were messing with the VHS tapes of her like it plus using college like taping these things are world. And literate you know she's watching it and sit there reading a book to me when you know you're stupid you're too. Every minute that you absorb this you bring you getting dumber I don't know what how this is gonna help her law career what are you doing. You know I was having that block about a bit jealous or the gist of the message. Darling. But eventually I gave any name in it rule one day she went indication whether family ironically enough. And I stayed home because that's what you do. And I was sir I found myself watching the show I had to figure out what happened from the day before I had thought I am and I got sunny and yes some sucked it. So that's our thing but anyway even know what we're doing that. You know she's typing away she's working on will she's writing at every once Russia can you prove for this form and my I'm trying. To just forget about life we would be just do that really like to watch that show up so I asked him you know she just had a birthday last couple months have been hey why why won't you just you take a few days off with meanwhile will just run off some Oregon do something. And she just she's like not get too much did you land what would you indicated to me she's got a million excuse we're gonna miss so many episodes of my heroes as. We've got fourteen right now racked up. Like we are now we're way behind now. We've got to have a entirety even almost holed up but I don't know I mean it it's really frustrating because you think. It's one of those things where like I'm passionate about this I wanna go see stuff I wanna go meander I wanna I wanna. Driving Jeep down some dusty old trail Steenland stressed yeah yeah and she's just like. Now and that is that is fair frustrating news. And this show many times and so me not just vacations so many reasons so currency note so many things. Well now she just can't like turn off. Is it she can Wear an offer is this she'd just. Feel more comfortable being at home doing like. Nothing now and that's going on vacation I mean you know she's a social butterfly she likes to be mean dealing with people if there's if she hears music is getting you know. Wonder how they find out what are those people up to you know I hear music and my god I'm so glad you being allowed that way to avoid you completely. No sneaking up on me this time. You know so I had a. I mean she's like oh woo her electrician is her she's very comfortable on that space but. I think maybe for her at like hurt you know coming down off the workday is like relaxing may be in bed with a laptop. She just is still working missed kind of relaxing and maybe she thinks that that mean that works for her Bennett it may look like T use that she's still London. Chased and you know I don't know I and I can't see any of the people live their life differently than if you know what do you can't see the difference to me this is ridiculous I am amazing I've got it all figured out and you know what when your top when it's time to letting go let it go. Well little stymied as I'm on a vacation together now just us out. I don't years mean literally years and I went on a giant vacation last year by myself. Demands. Now you know I wrote up like all around the world last year and you know. I was amazing and I believe it or not I'm sure your wife also was on vacation right. You know one I'd look at. She you know we all know the story maybe dear Mary don't but I Astor a couple of years in advance you know that way it would seem like fiction. You know I hate ten years from now you mind if I take a trip myself not desert a motorcycle engines like lecture cal and are two years raising. And she told me Leno later on as as as it kept going kept getting closer closer like you know I. Thought you would eventually just pack up and you realize I don't really want to do this on him like. Yeah and now. Like it's been on account fifty years it's not up to your radio kind you know on. Within those two years I'd try we'd be out summer trying to buy something hey I better go and pick up the sleeping bag because you know through years from now on the media trips coming odds on sale she's like that's two years away don't even. And the like. That's a year away don't even. That's six months away don't even at six weeks away don't even and it's like we wanted to do until last may just get all this junk and that's exactly what I did like the day before I left or went shopping go all the survival stuff but. I don't know I just. Choose wisely Taylor you know like when you are. Trying to find out vo wine I can make sure you are compatible on its. Not just an in the rat race she dire really good in the rat race handing off responsibilities kids in this and that. But she doesn't unwind the way guys DOC. I don't. I'm I'm similar to your wife again. Because I mean vacations. They stress me out more than Barack now what are. Talking about I I mean you got to get ready for vacation then when you go on vacation if you wanna do one thing and someone else wants to do another thing. Yet to decide which thing and that the nine. We can win. All I wanna do is nothing I just wanna relax on vacation when did you like a lot of people wanna go out and sees the world did they kgo mean. I don't want to what surgery and vacation. Dream vacation weighing on the beach. Yes. Went on an early age my now laying on the beach or hurt. I mean I'm pool all or just somewhere warm and I've got the window open somewhat TV. It. Just so sad so like where warm with the windows open your dreams they came Sheehan is Indiana in the summer man yeah. So all month a man it great. While he's easy now I hit I love vacationing my husband and I definitely have that in common we travel all the time. If if he's been gone for two weeks for out work trip I'll try to meet him on the weekend. Like it's one of those things where as if it's a place I've never been and he's trying to make it work but now he is our. Dream. Locale now listen. I don't know when it comes so why he. I moved among little skeptical. Any because is because it's perfect milk. It seems like a death Chara what you imagine if something goes wrong in Hawaii. Right yeah. You look left China. You'll look down and larnaca. And you could drag. Somewhere over this California maybe you're getting back like. It's far out there now it's awesome. It's I have actually been why I was fourth grader I barely remember it but. Yeah though the worst part about going to Hawaii is you're looking over the ocean for. Probably five hours saw where you see anything not yet know that's an hour's from Alan. No yeah that's only cash like I listen I I'm minute somewhat adventurous guy that like on land. I any ocean doesn't. I can be on the beach but in the ocean. Not some odd yeah well we've discussed this I mean we have a fear of water and also a fear of heights so flying. Over the ocean is not normal that ICE oh look it's not ideal. But once you get there like it it makes all of it. I mean just washes away you're like oh that's I was on the plane for apparently doesn't feel like military I don't mean to like destroy life or injury like. Your on your way to now you've got that stupid thing around your neck. You know you've got a son Taylor should and you get you drunk husband deceased. You know he's fondling whatever and it's your trip let. On the way there are these pilots either by the way not paying very well anymore I would just yet. Amenity in app like crap they the thing that Bobby went out like I think it tells a plane or attack and also and you're legally drifting in the air. How in the Millie ocean. And some pilot testified Hawaii by sight. We know. Yeah I don't let that happen to me are my family that's not happening you just convinced me I'm never going to. Why can't I am back on do you it is TL OK that billionaire and back three times and never once if you're from I'm OK listen to me. I mean. Even if they pull a slow in the middle Asia looks no I will fire you you'll be like Tom Hanks in that bully ball like you'll never be. Found. No Hala that's absolutely frightening note though. You would not be as well office Tom Hanks in that many things you have been floating on a piece of the L from a plane. And terra the next time you go to Hawaii like start picking out which passengers are gonna eat. At winds are playing you know. Few years are crazy in forty. Would you say about Mexico where you go and when you in the mix. Couple weeks -- I'd go to Mexico City just my housing that's and then I would do you know you can either for work and I just well all I if I can make it work you know with vacation and just unearned deal and it uses would be something and it is our lady of Guadalupe and now. There are at I don't know where they out but I say yeah I'm just excited to just explore the city although I'm a little. Scared but I think there's a lot of stuff out there that think. Is elaborated I mean a little I think it's foolish for a while premise can see by yourself yeah I want you not is Mexico City. The dangerous question is it in Mexico. Hey kid this is no retailer early actually is yes I well your share I think I am in their building a wall some I know. And now Phil is not yet complete but Miami US citizens so I don't know like how that all happens I'm just gonna say. I'm going down there for those that like for of those that I hope they let me back we need your passports. Aka. So okay aren't so OK I mean I don't know. There's a there's a raging business down in the kidnapped Americans may I now Andy. What he called that ransom aft and so I mean Tara. And not to go with. Short and I mean you look like. Kid. Like hey let's steal this guy rich guys can. Izzo based off of Tom. Describing vacations to flying to Hawaii or getting kidnapped in Mexico City for staying at home in May does not sound so bad if the wind up and it. We know a growing number Taylor and Sarah as they navigate the murky waters of everyday life. And now in the office. This is his his. Co workers.