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The Morning Mix with Tom Davis

Weekdays 5am - 10am

Tom Davis grew up in the small town of Brookville, IN. His parents/teachers/bosses all said that one day his mouth would get him into trouble. They were right! 

He started at a small station in Connersville, IN playing church tapes on Sunday morning.  From there it was off to several other stations to learn his craft.

He is a father to daughter Elizabeth, son Thomas and husband to his lovely wife, Tammy.

He spends his time fixing up the house, tinkering with his motorcycles and hanging out with the family. He also enjoys running, lifting weights and videography.

Sheryl Stewart

Weekdays 10am - 2pm

Sheryl grew up in Southern California, then spent several years in Portland, before joining 107.9 The Mix! She is our resident reality show guru. Although she is a hard working mom with a busy schedule, she admits reality shows are her weakness.
Sheryl is also a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic and a frequent flyer of any retail store. Sheryl describes Elvis as “my first celebrity crush.” Another celeb crush is Justin Timberlake (but don’t tell her hubby!)
Sheryl is a “book worm”. She loves to read anything but some of her favorites are Joshilyn Jackson, Ron Rash, and Karen Abbott (all of which are “southern staples”)
In Sheryl’s spare time she also likes to workout at the gym, volunteer with the Humane Society, and cook while tuning into the Food Network.


Weekdays 2pm - 7pm

 has been recognized by Indianapolis Woman Magazine as one of the Best Female Personalities in the market! 

When she is not keeping her listeners up with the latest news, celebrity gossip and good-humor, she likes to spend time with her husband and cats. KJ doesn’t have any children of her own, but she did unexpectedly assume a motherly role, taking in her youngest sister after their parents passed of Lymphoma. Since then she has dedicated countless hours to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society including the successful annual fundraiser, KJ's Cancer Sucks Party. She is a passionate animal advocate constantly working to bring awareness to the importance of spay/neuter and also dedicates time to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Jenn Wilson

Weeknights 7pm - 12am

After graduating from UIndy longer ago than she’s willing to admit, Jenn started her “real” radio career in Marion-Carbondale Illinois, followed by Greenville, South Carolina (where she scooped up a husband) and Joplin, Missouri before finding her way back to Indianapolis. When she’s not talking into a microphone, Jenn’s typically yelling at the TV during White Sox, Bears, and Gamecocks games, trying not to buy all the things, and attempting to try all the Indianapolis restaurants with her husband.


Overnights 12am - 5am

Libby started her radio career in the west Texas town of El Paso back when outlaws roamed the streets on horseback.  Okay, maybe not that long ago, but she will admit that vinyl was involved.  Libby made her way to Indianapolis by way of Dallas and has been a Hoosier now as long as she was a Texan.  She lives in Avon with her husband the plumberman, son, 3 long hair dachshunds and cats John and Yoko.  Her daughter is attending Purdue University studying computer science, hopefully getting a degree that will earn enough money to pay back all those student loans.  Boiler Up!   Libby is a night owl by nature and is excited to get to hang out late nights with other nocturnals playing Indy's 10 In A Row Variety Station!

Greg Tanner


Food, movies and riding my Vespa GT 300 are passions of mine.  I love going to nice dinners (though rarely do) and enjoy reality TV, movies at IMAX and riding my Vespa.  It's a great way to unwind, de-stress and get some fresh air.  Hot Yoga is something else I love to do...and can't wait to find a good studio to practice in.  I'm very lucky and appreciative of what I have.  Be grateful because you never know what will happen from one day to the next.



Juliet would love to be the kind of person who goes to yoga and mediates every day, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Instead she starts the day with some very strong, black coffee (or is immediately cranky.)  She adores films, in the theater, at home, on a plane – wherever. (Like Don Draper) she’ll see everything. Occasionally while cooking Juliet will pretend to be on Top Chef.  If you ask her husband he’ll tell you she’s that good (he knows which side his bread is buttered on).  Juliet has always been a relentless overachiever… (She can bake a 50 minute lasagna in just under 30 minutes!)

Brad Carson


Brad is a graduate of North Central College & the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has spent 20-years in radio from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

Brad spends his off air life doing a lot of charity work with Special Kids and Families, St. Jude, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and local schools.



J.J. has been on the radio since he was a teenager. (That was the 80's, so you know it was awesome!) His favorite things include the St. Louis Cardinals, Italian food and doing funny voices. Favorite band? U2. Favorite TV show? Parenthood. Favorite movie? GoodFellas. J.J. has been in the Indy area for 15 years, and currently lives in Fishers with his wife and son ... and dog Louise (good girl!).
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